Where to now ???

Circus Tent Theater is nearing completion, and I'm going to raise final funding thru the community at large by seeking donations. We'll use those funds to continue providing a free or drastically cheap rehearsal and development space for theater and dance.

Austin Circle of Theaters (ACOT) is sponsoring Circus Tent under their "sponsored projects program", which will enable me to seek funds and offer a tax write off for donations, using ACOT's 501 3 c tax I.D.

Some current needs are to insulate the roof, a new floor, and to improve walkways to the street and bathrooms. We're mindful of the America For Disabled Persons Act and want to make our space user-friendly to persons with special needs.

Our mission is to provide a rehearsal space for theater and dance development and make it a beautiful, open and expansive space, to encourage the theater/dance development experience and the creative mind.

I think I have accomplished this, within my means. Now its time to put some fire under the project and expand upon it. Your support is greatly appreciated. And to all the theater and dance community -- your performances are a treat to behold.

You can help!

We need donations to take Circus Tent to the next level of service to the Austin dance/theater community. Money, cars, laptops -- we accept nearly anything of real value.

All donations will be processed through Austin Circle of Theaters, and we will supply you with a 501 3 C tax receipt for your donations. Give, and get a tax deduction.

Want to help? Visit our contact page and let us know.