Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Resident Circus Tent Theater is simple -- to provide a rehearsal space for theater and dance development. A space that is affordable to all artists who desire to develop their craft regardless of their financial capabilities, and to do so while maintaining a very creative environment, large open space with tall ceilings and a non-intrusive ambiance so as to not inhibit creativity.

A space free of other distracting activities...

Austin is blessed with many creative people, some experienced and some not. Any given night or day, scores of creative minds are at work and it's evident. A magnificent dish of incredible shows are being turned out annually in and by the Austin community. The need to support Austin's Theater and Dance people is real, and I'm adding just a small piece to this endeavor.

A little about me...

My name is Patrick McGarrigle. I grew up in an institutional environment. My mother started and directed a home for children with multiple challenges. This was my home.

I worked with my mother and later helped build Hope House for most of my life up to present time, until 2003. While working for the Hope House, I spent much time being involved with other projects -- theater, art and multiple social endeavors.

In doing so I acquired building and organizational skills. I put them to use in many projects -- The Rainbow House, 33rd Street, Hope House, and the early Esters Follies.

I also toured several social groups, helped Roky and Dana put the Blieb Alien band together, worked in and around the Red River Motors project, many shows at the old La Zona Rosa with Genevieve Kinny and such, and stage-managed Thursday nights at the old Paris 25 club, helped Cambodian Refugi relocations with the old Quaker Groups and some alternative productions at the original incarnation of La Zona Rosa Ice House for the Arts, the list would be long.

After being involved with an incredible theater piece called Sacralize, in 2003 -- I decided to sell my home in downtown Austin and build a Dance and Theater rehearsal space: The Resident Circus Tent Theater.

Well, enough of this.

Thank you Austin, TX. Special thanks to My Mother and Father and family, The Hope House Inc , all my friends with whom I could not have accomplished anything there are far too many to list, all the dancers, theater persons, funding agents, donors, and all the people who have made my life full here in and around Austin and central Texas.... Thank You!!

Now -- on we go with the productions facilitated in the Resident Circus tent Theater Rehearsal Space.

Patrick McGarrigle