House Rules
The Residence Circus Tent Theatre (RCTT) is dedicated to providing affordable, beautiful rehearsal space for the dance and theatre communities. RCTT house rules are designed to keep the space wonderful, help insure everyone's safety, and maintain respect for our neighbors.

Please observe these rules and enjoy your rehearsal.

Circus Tent management must approve every client of this rehearsal space. This policy is enforced by our register/login system.

Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM
-- Rehearsals must end by 10 PM
-- Vacate the premises by 10:15 PM

RCTT has a maximum capacity of 30 people
Leave payment in the drop-box after every session
-- Failure to pay may result in denial of use
-- Or, make prior arrangements

Users must sign a waiver before first use of RCTT
(The form is at RCTT next to the drop-box)

Respect our floor! Dancers need a good surface...
-- No big heavy set pieces
-- Soft-soled shoes, dance shoes, and bare feet only
-- Sweep before each rehearsal
-- Don't drag furniture, set pieces, etc
-- Mark the floor only with removable painter's tape
-- Use provided floor cleaner only

No tacks, nails, screws, ink, or paint anywhere
No pets without prior approval
No unsupervised minors
No hikes down to the Colorado River -- dangerous!
No prop construction or painting on premises
Please, build and test your sets elsewhere!
No use of catwalks without prior approval
No fires, candles, pyrotechnics, etc.
Food and smoking on the porch only
-- Dispose of butts and debris in receptacles
-- Pour out fluids before disposing containers
-- Take leftover food (etc) with you

RCTT has residential neighbors; respect them!
-- Please avoid boisterous groups outside
-- Keep music levels low during rehearsal
-- No loud percussive instruments
-- Acoustic guitars only
-- No amplified instruments
-- Failure to observe these rules could shut us down!

Leave the facility secure and ready for the next users
-- Do not leave any items behind
-- Turn off interior lights and unplug electrical gear
-- Close barn doors and replace the cross bar
-- Please double-check the front gate lock

Please report any problems
-- Leave us a note in the drop-box

Or contact RCTT management:
Patrick at (512) 731-5852

We reserve the right to deny use of this space
to anybody who doesn't observe these rules

We reserve the right to close the facility for
any reason, and to return applicable funds

This facility is under video surveillance,
for your safety and ours.